Make Math Amazing with Math Antics!


It is the middle of the school week and homework time is not going smoothly. Your child is now crying tears of frustration over their math notebook, angrily erasing a hole into the exercise sheet.

You scratch your head, wondering how to explain the simple concept in a different way that perhaps your child can understand. Except your child is now a frazzled mess who hates math and ‘will never be able to understand it!’ (Cry, pout, slump back in chair, cross arms, etc).

Sound familiar? Heck, maybe this is bringing back memories of your own struggles with math!

My daughter and I have made a discovery that I just have to share with you, especially if you are a teacher and/or a parent.

I am talking about utube videos that are funny, visually engaging, and easy to follow. The videos cover basic math problems and concepts for grade three through to grade eight.

The guys teaching the material? Why Rob and Jeremy of course, decked out in their nerdy tee shirts (which I really want one of

Rob and Jeremy, utubers for Math Antics

Rob and Jeremy aim to make math easier to learn and give teachers and parents more teaching tools.

The main video lessons are free on utube at because Rob and Jeremy want to help as many students as possible. You CAN get a subscription that will give you printable exercise sheets to complement the videos, which is something a teacher could use!

For a laugh, here are some of their video introductions :

We hope you find our video about Mean, Media, and Mode about average!

Having trouble measuring your excitement over going back to school?

The probability that we just released a new Math Antics video is 100%!

These busy guys took time to send me an email. Here is what Rob had to say:

“Jeremy and I both live in Southern California. We both liked math and had worked on several video projects just for fun prior to starting Math Antics, so it seemed like it would be a good combination.

Also, Jeremy did homeschooling for a while and was inspired to make better math resources for homeschoolers.”

Indeed they have helped homeschoolers as well as teachers. You can read comments from other followers on facebook or learn more at!

If you or someone you know is having trouble with math, I know from personal experience that this resource works and is entertaining too!

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