Todd and Nadine Torchia, Local Heroes Fundraising for Breast Cancer

Todd and Nadine Torchia

Todd and Nadine Torchia are well known to many in Kamloops and beyond. The couple is responsible for raising over $100,000.00 for breast cancer in a fundraising event called ‘The Amazing Race for Breast Cancer’. Proceeds have gone to the Breast Health Clinic at Royal Inland Hospital.

Last year was their 10th year of running the fundraising event and the couple is currently taking a break.

Who was the inspiration behind the annual fundraising event? Nadine’s mother, Marilyn, who fought a long battle with cancer and passed away in 2007. I asked Nadine to describe her mother for those who didn’t have the opportunity to meet her:

“My Mom was Marilyn Ann King. She was not only my Mom, she was also my best friend. She had a heart of gold and accepted people from all walks of life. She was such a fun person to be around, a great entertainer and an exceptional cook. She always took time to enjoy a good glass of wine with friends and family and you would always know your secrets were safe with her.

She was a trusting, loving and thoughtful person and we miss her so very much.”

amazing race 4

The ‘Amazing Race for Breast Cancer’ included a lot of community members across the past decade. Participants would be divided into teams which would have a blast while raising funds and awareness for breast cancer.

I asked Todd to describe the races in more detail:

“The invite would hit Facebook about three months before the day of the race. The first 60 to 75 people to sign up were in. The rest made the waiting list.

Everyone was required to bring a gift of $50.00 value or more and arrived at our home around 2pm. We chose teams of five people through a random draw and started the race with the first task at the house.

Once completed the team of five received the next clue which was usually a riddle they had to solve. Once they figured out where they had to go, they hopped into a car and drove off to complete the tasks ahead.

The race took about three hours to complete and teams had to do many things from jumping off the high diving board at the Canada Games Center to busking on the street or hiking a mountain to get the clue at the top of it.

Once all tasks were completed, teams came back to the house where we had a catered dinner and celebrated our success by raffling off the gifts. We auctioned off some great gifts donated by some of the local businesses in the area and partied well into the night.

amazing race
Caterers contributed via facebook

The best part of the day, besides raising money for Breast Cancer, was the friendships we created. If you were in a car with four people you didn’t know, you could very well be best friends by the end of the night.

The first year of the race had about 24 people in it. We think we’ll do it again, we just needed a break. After 10 years, it was time.”

Well, I just needed to hear from some Amazing Race contestants and was put in touch with Kurt and Angie Denault. Here is what they had to contribute:

“Todd and Nadine Torchia are truly amazing people just like the race they hosted for 10 years! They have given countless hours of their time and space in their own home year after year. It was such a unique, well organized event that brought our community together to raise money while having a lot of FUN!!

It was truly a fundraising event we looked forward to every single year! Like Marilyn, the race was missed by many this year. Thank you Todd and Nadine for all you have done to raise awareness and money in the fight against breast cancer!”

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