Kerri Schill: Transparency, Accountability, and Trust

Kerri Schill

Her intense dedication and devotion to students is driving Kerri Schill to run for the position of school trustee, Kamloops.

Kerri has 10 years of experience with the Interior Health Authority and has a spouse with 18 years as a dedicated educator for School District 73. Kerri’s hands-on experience in public education and healthcare has lent her insight, understanding and the ability to empathize and recognize challenges in both rural and city schools within School District 73.

She has run before. She was the youngest candidate to run in the District of Logan Lake Municipal by-election 2003, for council seat.

“Yes, I was in a by-election for council with the District of Logan Lake. I was new and young. However low my chances of success, I was not discouraged.

I wanted to run and show that women, single parents and young people could not only run for council, but inspire others to be involved in the decisions of their community and inspire change.”

When asked what she believes are the key issues facing our community and school district, this is what Kerri had to say:

“First, students in poverty. Secondly, improvements needed in classroom conditions including overcrowding in schools, teacher workload, professional development and the ability to attract and retain teachers. Last, increase the numbers of specialized speech pathologists, school psychologists, special education teachers, librarians and literacy programs, aboriginal education workers and resources that honour and respect the aboriginal (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) and other much needed resources.

Student poverty is a huge issue in BC and in our own school district. How can children learn if their stomachs are empty and their brains are not being fed? We need immediate funding for student poverty in our school district.

Attracting and retaining teachers goes hand in hand with classroom conditions, workload, and professional development to name a few.

We desperately need special education teachers, aboriginal workers, specialists, and to shorten wait lists. It shouldn’t take years for our children to receive any additional educational supports they may require.”

When asked how she will relate to our community?

“Transparency, accountability and trust are ways to engage the community and keep them informed. A lot of misinformation is spread by not being transparent. Being accountable to the community will help earn trust. People need to know that I am making sure I am well informed, researching what I do not know, asking hard questions, and advocating for them. In turn, this will help me make the best possible decisions for our community and public education system.”

A common debate among parents, teachers, and trustees is whether we schedule a one week spring break or a two week spring break. Here are Kerri’s thoughts on the matter:

“A two week spring break has many advantages for students and teachers alike. It gives everyone much needed time to decompress and extra time for students to review material they have struggled with and/or catch up on assignments they may have missed. In addition, blended families seem to be becoming the norm. In reality, many students require travel to spend time with both families or take a family vacation.

Students that have a two week spring break are more rested and excited to return to school. The Quesnel Board of Education approved their two week spring break March 24th, 2018. They used SD73’s previous two week spring break contract language verbatim.

While a two week spring break does affect CUPE members and TOC’s, many of them support the two week spring break. With the new childcare subsidy program, financial strain is somewhat lessened for parents, guardians and families who have their children in childcare for the additional week.”

Kerri Schill has always been devoted to her community and the health and education of children. She is a proud parent of graduated and current students in our public school system.

Some of Kerri’s young supporters

You can vote for Kerri Schill on Saturday, October 20th at any elementary school or any of these locations:

Heritage House, 100 Lorne St.
Sahali Mall, 945 Columbia St. West
Valleyview Secondary, 1950 Valleyview Dr.
NorKam Secondary, 730 12th St.

These locations are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, with the exception of Sahali Mall, which will offer voting hours between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm.

There will be Advance Voting opportunities on October 10, 11, and 17, 2018. All Advance Voting will take place at Heritage House, located at 100 Lorne Street, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

For more voting information, please see the City of Kamloops website at

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