Hunter, Our Kamloops Reservation Mascot


This is Hunter. He is an old mixed-breed dog who has travelled around the reservation in Kamloops for many years. He is known and loved by many.

His route goes between his home on the reservation to his favorite place, the A and W/ Halston Esso gas station on Halston Avenue.

I have seen him many times, receiving pats and snacks, walking with other dogs, and greeting those people travelling through our town.

Hunter is sort of a local staple. The dog you see regularly when you work on this side of the bridge. He brings smiles to people’s faces. People pat him on the head as they walk into the station. Many employees have adopted him as their own for brief periods of time, spending their coffee breaks with him and making sure he is fed and watered.

He is quite independent. He knows where to get food and attention, and where to find water. He knows the reservation and all the people and dogs on it. He knows how to look after himself and his needs. He is a very resilient old boy.

I stopped by to see him last week. He accepted my pats and coos with slight questioning. Why are you taking my picture? He trotted off giving me a doubtful look.

Hunter is getting old. He is stiff in the legs, no doubt due to arthritis. He is rather thin, maybe withered is a better word. And I am sure his eyes are not what they used to be. This doesn’t seem to affect his jolly demeanor.

He keeps trotting on. Doing his route. Bringing happiness to all of those who travel through and those who work long shifts waiting to pet him on their short work breaks. He knows.

Hunter knows about love and meaningful contact. That is why he does what he does. Why he walks all the way to the A and W hub to greet people every day.

He is a sweetheart and a local hero.

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