Chasing Waterfalls… And Picking Up Litter?


Jordyn Jeffrey is a homegrown Kamloopsian known by many as ‘the girl who chases waterfalls’.

Small, blonde and full of life, her favorite thing to do is explore the lakes, backroads and other hidden natural gems around her beloved Kamloops.

Her Instagram page is full of pictures of gorgeous local scenery, wildlife, and cascading falls.

The hook? She never reveals where these gems are located!

“I’m careful not to give clues about where I go. People are always asking me but I never tell them.”

Why the secret keeping?

“It seems like every time a natural gem is discovered by the general public it is soon ruined. I’ll go back and see firepits, broken glass, and litter everywhere. My dad and I have spent a lot of time cleaning up the garbage.”

Jordyn has always been attached to the outdoors. She has always cared about the environment.

“This planet was here long before humans and in the time we have been here we have caused so much destruction. I think it’s nice if we can be part of creating a better future for the planet or at the very least not being part of the problem. After all, we are supposed to be the most intelligent species here.

Our environment is our food source, home and playground and if we don’t start treating it better what will we be left with?”

I asked her why she thinks other people trash it:

“I feel a lot of it has to do with carelessness. We live in a time of instant gratification and if there is no instant reward for many people they will not bother. We don’t really see the instant effects that leaving garbage behind has so it becomes ‘out of sight out of mind.’ We see the long term effects of this damage but too often people adopt the attitude of ‘oh well, it’s only one piece of garbage’ but what if nine billion people felt that way?”


“I think the indigenous have it right. We are and should be protectors of the land. This is our only home and we have to do better for our children and our children’s children. They deserve to live in a world with clean water to drink and fresh air to breath. And I’m not suggesting changing whole lifestyles but by changing little habits I think we can all make a big difference. When I go out in nature I take out everything I brought in along with other people’s left behind garbage.

There are so many little things we can do to save our beautiful landscapes. It is our responsibility. I’ve seen so many of my favorite childhood places deactivated because humans have trashed them with glass or tore the area up with quads.”

The final message the girl who chases waterfalls has to share?

“Please don’t leave your trash behind in the wilderness; this isn’t just our home, we share it with each other and the animals that were here before us.”


You can follow this adventurous young woman on Instagram at talullah.girl

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