Karis and Cody -A Barrel Racing Power Pack!


Karis Wilson and her little horse Cody are kicking up dust in rodeo events all around BC! They do barrel racing and pole bending.

Born and raised in Kamloops, Karis is only fourteen years old and her horse is only 14.2 hands high! Recently the team won a 2D buckle in barrel racing at Platinum Futurities Winter Series.

I asked her for an interview. It was tough to get hold of her as she spends most evenings mucking out stalls and caring for Cody!

You will see below that this young woman has a winning personality to go with her dedication to her sport:


How did you get involved in rodeo?


A while back I went with my best friend Jayme to a high school rodeo and loved it! The reason why I stuck with it is because it’s about life lessons and the friends and family you make. Also, the chances to work with these amazing and honest animals.

Rodeo brings all different people together who form a family. Being in rodeo, you learn tons of lessons like time management, commitment, and prioritizing. There is truly no other sport like rodeo and I’m so fortunate to be able to do what I do !



Can you tell us about your horse? What makes him special?


My horse’s name is Cody. Cody is a fifteen-year-old Norwegian Fjord cross that stands 14.2hh. He is small but he is a powerhouse! I’ve only owned him for ten months; however in those ten months we have accomplished so much. He is truly one of the most honest and trustworthy horses I’ve ever swung a leg over!


I heard you won a 2D Buckle? What is that?


I’m sure if you ask any barrel racer the D system will take a while to explain, however, buckles are somewhat like trophies in other sports. In certain rodeos if you place well you could win a lot of money or you could win a buckle. Sometimes you can even win both.


What are your future rodeo goals? Do you have sponsors?


Next year I may be doing high school rodeo and if I do, I want to qualify to go to nationals in Wyoming. I would also love to do a Doug Mills apprenticeship camp! And as for the farther future I am hoping to go to Olds in Alberta and get my large animal vet degree. And somewhere way down the line I would like to get my pro card and pro rodeo.

I have one current sponsor. The company’s name is BM Clothing Co. I would love to represent more brands !



Thank you for the interview Karis! I will be following your progress in rodeo. You are a rising star!

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