Women In Trades Blog Series Intro


Crystal Moore and classmate

Have you ever been out working with a group of men all day listening to stories about tits, fat chicks, hot chicks, ugly chicks, sluts, asses, sex…. and did I mention tits?

Have you ever worked on a male dominated work site while having your period and the bathroom was a million miles away?

Have you ever been denied employment because you have a child?

Welcome to the beginning of a Women In Trades blog series.

In the following weeks I will be exploring this big and important topic with the help of teachers, employers, and a diverse group of females who are currently employed in the trades industry.

Personally, I have been working in a male dominated industry for two decades, from wildfire fighting to forest technology, to reforestation to fencing. Throughout these years I have seen more and more females entering the trades industry!  I am very curious to learn how the landscape is changing in our trades work environments.

Thank you so much to all of the women who have reached out to me!  I think we all should share and go forward on this project together.  I am very excited to hear your personal stories, opinions, and vision for future work places!

Thank you to Karen Edwards of Info News Kamloops for the interview and for all of you who shared it around social media.  It seems to be a topic of interest so clearly something (or quite a few things) need to be discussed and improved upon.  This is the launch of our investigative adventure.

I want to dig deep into the daily work lives of females in male dominated work environments.  How are the uniquely female challenges such as motherhood and childcare playing out at work?  What about harassment and the wage gap?  Menstruation? Our naturally lesser muscle mass?

What do we want our future work places to look like in the trades industry?

As I said, this is a BIG topic!

And here is the first baby blog…. off we go!!

PS – Send me pics of your beautiful selves in your work clothes 🙂



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