Helping Rhinos: An Interview With CEO Simon Jones, We Can Help Make A Difference!

Helping Rhinos prides itself in applying innovative and forward approaches to conservation. Before setting up Helping Rhinos, CEO Simon Jones worked for American Express for 24 years.  He always had a passion for wildlife conservation, and in particular rhinos, but his eventual move into full time conservation took several years! I asked Simon what prompted [...]

Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah: An Interview with the CEO

Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah: An Interview with the CEO

"Our goal is to get this foundation established to the point where it can continue running after we are gone."- MT I was nervous when I phoned Martin Tyner this morning. This guy is pretty big stuff! And he is doing really big things for animal conservation in southwestern USA. It turns out, Martin is [...]

What Is CharityVillage? An Article By Marina Dawson

CharityVillage is the Canadian nonprofit sector’s largest and most popular online resource for recruiting, news and how-to information. Many people know us as the biggest online job board for the nonprofit sector in Canada, and, in fact, one of the first things we often hear from people we talk to is, “I got my current [...]

What is ‘Real Estate Photography’? An Interview With Katelyn Faulkner

'Real Estate photography is the art of capturing a space and making it look and feel its best.'-KF When playing around on my social media I came across some really sophisticated photos of beautiful homes for sale in Kamloops, BC.  Who is taking these gorgeous photos, I wondered?  Well, I found the one taking the [...]